Need your help !

Members and Friends, Northern Combine Road Season starts this week. And only a few weeks until our race !

  • Race1 – Kyneton 01/04
  • Race 2 – Combine Champs – Sth Gisbourne 08/04
  • Race 3 – Italo Trophy Race – Newham  22/04

Traditionally, whilst we are one of the smallest clubs in the Northern Combine we have had an excellent volunteer to non- volunteer participation rate – the best !

The vast majority of the racing members have been volunteers over a season. This has helped us when negotiating help from other clubs at our races. We always need comms etc to turn up.

If you intend racing the Northern Combine this season  – please volunteer – and please do so ASAP.  The roster is light on so you’ll likely get your pick.

If you plan on racing in the Italo Trophy race please try and bring along a friend or partner to volunteer (put them down on the roster and our race will be fully supported).

If you are not a racer – please consider coming to help out at our Italo Trophy race anyway. Contact Gino, Marc  or myself to discuss.

See You on the Road.