Australian Cyclist Journal

Ciclisti attenzione

A must see for any cyclist. The State Library of Victoria have recently been digitised issues of the Australian Cyclist journal and made available to view online.

Dating from 1893 to 1905, it was the “official journal of the League of Victorian Wheelmen with the mission to advance racing and touring and the trade of cycling in all the lands under the Southern Cross.”

Perfect for cycling enthusiasts, vintage bicycle buffs (and Italo ciclisti), the Australian Cyclist advocates all aspects of the bicycle, and included advertisements for local bike shops and depots, reviews of road races, programs of racing events, local league notes and, of course, cycling club gossip.

The first issue appeared in Melbourne on 7 September 1893 !

Australian Cyclist journal (616 issues)

You can also search for cycling photos. Select the drop down “pictures & photographs” then type “Bicycle Racing” or “Cycling” or similar description.  Click on the following link to see some examples

Source: State Library Victoria – I encourage you to support them.