Austral Wheelrace & Australian Madison Champs

Biggest event on the track calendar here in Melbourne the Austral Wheelrace & Australian Madison Champs tonight 15 December at Hisense. You can get tickets at the door or via ticketek

Program link below:

Victories in Short supply

Recently appointed Club Secretary, Fraser Short  (second from right) delivered a B grade win at the Footscray Criterium last weekend.                                                 
We obviously need new club kit, we cant have our members known as the “men in black”.  A Sub-Committee has been formed with well known artist Michelangelo Russo and “Fashion” Adam on task to explore new kit options for 2019.  We are in good hands….






Melbourne Cup on Wheels


Location: DISC Velodrome, 281 Darebin Rd, Thornbury

Update (12/9/2018) – DATE CHANGE: The 82nd Melbourne Cup on Wheels (MCOW) will now take place on Saturday December 8, 2018. The change fills a void left by the Melbourne 6 Day, which has moved from early December to mid March. More Details

Melbourne 6 Day Membership

I was fortunate to attend last years Melbourne 6 Day event.

It’s great entertainment and provides an excellent opportunity to see some of Australia’s up and coming male and female track riders compete in the Six Day format. 

One way to  support the initiative (and by extension, the riders that compete) is by taking out a membership.

Membership includes some great benefits:

  • Free entry
  • Lapel badge
  • Discounts from some sponsor products
  • Voting on most aggressive teams
  • Functions during the year
  • And more to come
For membership forms go to: (click the badge) or
email: or
call/text 0414 151 998



The Road Ahead

The following text is the closing few paragraphs from an article that I read earlier today. It can serve us well.

For the full article click this link.

“The good news is that the petition seems unlikely to achieve what its founders had hoped. But it has acted as yet another flashpoint in the so-called “war on our roads”, riling up those on both “sides” and increasing tensions and frustrations. That doesn’t do anyone any good.

But while the core premise of the petition is flawed, there is something we can take from it. A reminder that sometimes it does make sense to ride single file when the conditions demand it. Ultimately, all road users can do more to share the road in a friendly, considerate manner. For us cyclists, it means the following: Ride courteously, which might mean that you’re riding two abreast and might mean that you go single file when it makes sense to. It might mean riding defensively, and it might mean claiming the lane to protect your safety when it makes sense to do that too.

For as long as cyclists and other vehicles have coexisted, there’s been conflict of one sort or another. It hasn’t always been an easy relationship; there’s been squabbling and tantrums and hurtful things done in moments of fear or fury. But we have a finite amount of space on the roads to share, and if there’s a better way to share it, then surely we should do so.

Like it or not, we have to get along. It matters too much not to”.

Source: Cycling Tips