Wheelie up the 1:20

I stumbled on this video and was very impressed with Trent’s skills.

We’ve all been up the 1:20 so you’ll appreciate it.

You’ll also see an unnamed Italo rider at the very end of the clip ….and a good example of “Ute-man” IQ.

Awesome ride Trent !



Italo members and friends.

Arguably the biggest race on the Northern Combine calendar, the Italo Trophy Race is fast approaching (14 April).

The punshing South Gisborne circuit challenges cyclists and entertains spectators.

Racing members get your entries in via Entry Boss and for those members not racing (and friends), please come along to support Italo.

There is presentation following the race, so plenty of time to chat and have a bite to eat etc.


MSR, E3, GW & the ITR

Spring Classics have started with Milan San Remo, E3 and Gent Wevelgem.

So its almost time for the ITR on 14 April.

Please note: The Italo Trophy Race (ITR) does not permit UCI Pro Teams (unless they want to work for Italo on the day) so this is your chance to add to your North Combine trophy cabinet.

South Gisborne Circuit will challenge the sprinters with a slow drag each lap.

So do the Italo jersey proud – make the committment, enter the race and ride hard !

Virtual Racing

With the Italo Trophy race fast approaching and lots of work and family committments it might be worth doing some virtual racing. I’d consider myself as an early adopter to Zwift but certainly not a first mover. I’ve always found ergo training productive and time effecient.

I joined in the Aussie Hump Day Ride for the first time last night. Over 200 riders joined the three lap event. First two laps nuetralized but at a decent pace before the screws got tightened.
I got dropped from the second group at about 8k to go and drifted back to the race host/beacon to gobble up those shelled from the front groups.

I have to say I absolutely loved it. Take a look via the Youtube link below you might just want to get into virtual racing/bunch riding (if you haven’t already).

Cycling etiquette known as “The Rules”

As we start 2018 its always good to refresh our knowledge of the fundamental rules of our wonderful sport.

Just to be clear these rules are not Italo CC rules. They are arguably more important than club, state, national or UCI rules.

The “Frigonator” once refered me (& other Italo CC Strava Club Members) to Rule 9, when we opted to stay indoors on a wet morning, but there are many more to reflect on.

Note: There is no formal exam per se. Gaps in your knowledge will be obvious to those you ride with. So visit: Velominati. 

BTW Authors favs are Rule 12 & Rule 92

Italo Annual Panettone Ride

The Italo Annual Panettone Ride will be held on Xmas eve, Sunday 24th of December. Come along and be part of the festivities.

This year’s ride will be the popular Ringwood/Warrandyte course. We will ride at a ‘festive’ pace returning to our usual destination in North Fitzroy.

The start will be as per normal at 7.30am in Carlton or you can join us along the course if this is more convenient.

Should the weather be inclement we will gather at the pavilion near the old Fitzroy Football Club as we have done in past years.

We’re a small club and only have a couple of opportunities during the year to get together for a club event, so I strongly encourage you all to make an effort to come out on the day and meet some of your fellow clubmates.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Gino Carmelli – Club Secretary

Magpie season

A couple of week in and I have seen at least two Italo riders swooped on. Both were detached from the bunch – so the maggies have respect for the gruppetto too.

Alternatively you can adopt this approach.